FRALCO is a well established company and a recognized leader in its innovative abilitiesto develop, fabricate and commercialize new technologically advanced equipment.The industrial sector served by FRALCO is international and specifically relates to aluminum, with customer-made equipment and quality specificationsthat comply with world standards.

Major Business:

Casthouse equipment and consumables: movable Injecting car and rotating injector for melting and holding furnace; degasser,deep bed filter, ceramic foam filter, launder, launder cover with heater, rodfeeder  etc.

Alumina Products: Aluminum filtration media; Heat Accumulation ball for regenerative burner; Regenerative activated Alumina Ballfor air and gas drying; Alumina Ball, plate and profile for anti-abrasion; alumina ball for chemical catalyst support; Alumina ball for water filtration,etc.

PlateHeat Treatment furnaces for aircraft plate plant,includes:, aging or annealing furnaces for aircraft plate, homogenizing furnacesfor 2XXX, 7XXX alloys and coils.

FRALCO engineers and technicians have a broad expertise in process and design. FRALCO has grown rapidly due to its competitiveness in the global market place, the expertise of its staff and the quality of its products and services.

FRALCO is located in Qingdao, a coastal city of eastern China. Most of FRALCO’ sales activities are managed from its headquarters in Qingdao city, China. An extended network of agents in several countries and/or geographical areas around theworld are working together to promote FRALCO technologies.™ All Rights Reserved | 中文版 | 登录后台